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Virgin Superhub Wireless Fix

I’ve used science to figure out what was crashing my standard Virgin Media wireless superhub. :) Now you can benefit too!

It Fails When…

When the Superhub (Hardware V2.0, Software¬†V5.5.2R30) receives data at 300Mbps on 5Ghz it can fall over badly. Transmit seems fine, but receive consistently makes mine fail. This probably applies to 2.4Ghz as well, but I haven’t tested it and couldn’t reliably test it either as there are several 2.4Ghz networks in range that would make the results fuzzy.

Solution, Fixing the Virgin Superhub Wireless Problem

The solution is simple, restrict the speed in the Wireless configuration to 145 Mbps and no higher. You can still use Wireless N, but keep it to 145 Mbps which has a 20 Mhz channel. This made my wireless stable. I tried file transfers in each direction and got 10.5 – 11 MB/s (as opposed to 14 MB/s and CRASH on 300 Mbps).

It seems that the problem only appears when you heavily load the wireless bandwidth, but now I don’t have to worry about my wireless going down. Yay!

Wait, 145 Mbps Gives 11 MB/s Performance?

If you’re technical you might have noticed this. 11MB/s is equal to 88 Mbps. 11 Megabytes/s is 88 Megabits per second. This is actually very good for wireless, which can often delivery less.

Equipment & Environment used for Testing

Just a normal Dell PC upgraded to an Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN card with 450 Mbps compatibility (high end in  other words).

The environment is a suburban flat with the Virgin Superhub in the room next door, approx 10m away through one wall.