UK Rural Broadband 2, The Update

Sorry About Last Time

I can only apologise for how annoyed and snarky I was when writing the first appraisal of UK Rural Broadband back in 2012. 4 years later, a LOT has changed.

Virgin 200/12

I’m now on a 200/12 Virgin product:

Speedtest showing 210/12 connection speeds.
Speedtest showing 210/12 connection speeds.

 Plusnet 40/10 FTTC

And my parents are now on a 40/10 product from Plusnet. My parents now have more upload than me:

For a 40/10 connection from Plusnet, it's really not bad.
For a 40/10 connection from Plusnet, it’s really not bad.

While it’s clear to see that they’re not really getting that 40 Mbps, they’re certainly not hard done by in high speed internet stakes and the fact they got the 20Mbps up for free is just fantastic. What’s really interesting is that with the heavy government investment, they’re not being charged┬ámore than city folk. I think they actually managed to make a small saving going from what was upgraded to an 7.2 Mbps / 0.8 Mbps line to switching to the effectively 40/20 package.

Next thing you know Dick Cheney will be ice skating with Hitler.


I promise to change my attitude, to not be a whiney, complaining IT guy and to really see the good and the opportunity in what I have right now. We live in exciting times.


BTW, why the hell are Virgin dragging out IPv6 deployment so badly? Sky and BT are leading the charge by majority deployment by the end of 2016! Come on Virgin! This is terrible! Something ought to be done :P


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