Android 2.3.6, Bluetooth Improvement

I’ve got a Nexus One phone. Today I got an Over The Air update to 2.3.6. I didn’t apply right away but Googled it a bit first.

Android to Pioneer Headunit Bluetooth Problems

I have a Pioneer Bluetooth headunit with headset and streaming stereo audio (A2DP). It’s always been a royal pain with the Nexus One as I’ve had to manually connect every time I start the car. This is Pioneer’s fault really as the Pioneer requires the phone to be visible to work automatically. Early Pioneer’s like mine seem to have botched the spec or something.

Android 2.3.6 Always Discoverable, No Timeout, Bluetooth Automatic Again!

Gingerbread 2.3.6 on the Nexus One allows you to go visible all the time on Bluetooth. This makes my Bluetooth in car automatic. I can’t express just how nice this is to have.

WiFi Tethering on Nexus One 2.3.6 OK!

Reports of WiFi tethering breaking on the Nexus S made me check my WiFi tethering. It works fine, no problems with 2.3.6 on the Nexus One, but your AP name and password will be reset. After reconfiguring it back to my settings I had my laptop connected to the Internet via my Nexus One without trouble.

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