I’ve just made the move from to BTC Guild.


My brand new mining machine (which I am now in doubt over whether will pay for itself), has been generating near a Gigahash/sec for a few days. I have simply not seen this on the bitcoinpool’s status, I’ve checked a few times when the machine has been running for hours on end.

Within 30 minutes of being connected to BTC Guild I have an accurate and nice reading of 1.1GH/s also haven’t paid me for the shares I did. I don’t know why and they don’t make it clear either. This does not make me happy. My rate also seemed to be way off anything calculated here:¬† Perhaps that site is over¬†optimistic, but I was starting to wonder.

Anyway, the two things together made me leave, I will see how it goes over at BTC Guild. The hash rate being what it I’d expect it to be is encouraging already.

Update 27/09/2011

I did get the Bitcoins in the end from It’s just that things were poorly explained and moved very slowly. I’m much happier at BTC Guild, where I still work in the pool. It’s clear and it works well.

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